Our Story

Siddhartha’s Dharma

Housing Hope for Chronically Homeless afflicted by Mental Illness here in The City Of Vancouver

Siddhartha’s Dharma is here to provide housing and innovative community health services. The goal of Siddhartha’s dharma is to provide housing for chronically homeless individuals afflicted by severe mental illness. We are creating a compassionate continuum of care, focused on trifold healing of mind body and spirit to enable rehabilitation and at the least high quality of life.


Based on a Soteria healing model this home will house 1-6 residents. This home will be staffed 24/7, and residents will have nutritional therapeutic meals. Residents receive cleaning and laundering as well as access to healthcare, recreation, and counseling. The home will be centered around the residents current interests with volunteers providing: yoga, art, music, and fitness activities.

Some STATS on the current situation

Chronic Homelessness ^

There are actually only 200 Chronically homeless persons identified in 2020.

Homelessness Rising

There was a 23% increase in homeless persons from 2019-2020 here in Vancouver, WA.

Be the Change you want to see In the world

If there are only 200 chronically homeless persons Vancouver I believe together we can end homelessness!

John F Kennedy
One of the most beloved Presidents of all time said, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what can you do for your country. Please join us in ending homelessness in Vancouver one person at a time.